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This city, your perspective: A Creative DC uses new media to celebrate + promote DC's emerging, established, and diverse creative community and creative economy. With over a million perspectives in the #aCreativeDC feed to dive into, Direct Message is a look at the ins and outs of creative life in Washington, DC, hosted weekly by A Creative DC founder Morgan H. West.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Spring Things from the #aCreativeDC feed

    We're diving into the prokects and events on our #aCreativeDC radar, right this moment. Listen in for an artist to follow (@ebonystillpaints), a networking event (Think Local First's Builder Dinner), and Dine Diaspora's annual list of 31 Black Women in Food, AKA a little something to celebrate during Women's History Month.

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    Trap Bob @ A Creative DC: Brookland

    A Creative DC is so proud to announce that Trap Bob (AKA Tenbeete Solomon) is taking over our Brookland workspace for the next few months. Listen in for all the details on what she'll be getting into.

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    A few of the people, projects, and happenings that we've found lately in the #aCreativeDC feed: they're on our radar, and we think you'll want them on yours, too. Listen in for 411 on Broccoli City's Broccoli Bar, Pay It Furloughed, Maps Glover's residency at #aCreativeDC Brookland, and more.

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    Maps Glover

    Maps Glover is the current artist-in-residence at A Creative DC: Brookland - get to know his work – and all that's in store during his January 2019 residency – on this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC.

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    Artist Rose Jaffe

    Rose Jaffe is a DC-based artist, muralist, ceramicist, curator of DIY spaces, and way more – this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC dives into what she does (and how she does it).

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    DIRECT MESSAGE: Follow Wednesday

    We're digging into a few of the projects and events on our radar at the moment (and that we think should be on yours, too). This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE takes a peek at @yenmakesart, @shopvioletdc, and this weekend's @hits_dc Hole In The Sky show, JURIED 02.

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    DIRECT MESSAGE with Rosalie Ferris of Pattern Sample Sew

    Rosalie Ferris is Pattern Sample Sew: offering technical design and production services to designers of sewn garments and accessories, with pride in our quality workmanship, attention to detail and good honest service. We're digging into her career and entreprenurial path in this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC.

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    DIRECT MESSAGE with Adam J. Kurtz

    Adam J. Kurtz is a designer, artist, and author of books you're meant to make yours, take apart, and give away. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC dives into it with Adam: the importance of both timing and context for creative careers, staying #humble, and the responsibility of internet & IRL visibility.

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    Tenbeete Solomon, TRAP BOB

    Tenbeete Solomon is TRAP BOB, an artist and illustrator (and more), creating art and experiences in the DMV. From her nationally visible partnerships with Broccoli City and Amplifier Art to creating space with DC's GIRLAAA collective, this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC proves that it's a TRAP BOB world (and we're all just living in it).

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    DIRECT MESSAGE: It's October

    The events and projects on our radar at the top of this month, from A (GOOD) AMERICAN to the Local First Awards. Dive in, and (book)mark your calendars.

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    DIRECT MESSAGE: Updates from the Field - Retail

    Updates and happenings from the field, AKA this city: this episode of Direct Message focuses on retail – from recent brick & mortar openings and closures, to pop-up and holiday markets to have on your radar.

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    Marcella Kriebel & Brookland Exchange

    Marcella Kriebel is a DC artist, illustrator, and author - and now, founder of Brookland Exchange, a pop-up market coming to the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market on September 20.

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    September Spotlight

    A September spotlight on a few of the people and projects (and city-wide scavenger hunts) on the #aCreativeDC radar this month – from upcoming design library & shop Resource to Simone Jacobson, "the cultural connector DC needs right now."

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    Get in the Know

    Our tried and true avenues for taking it all in, it being cultural 411 about this city.

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    Artist Jordann Wine

    Inspired by sacred geometry, Jordann Wine draws on classic forms and color gradients to invite reflection on the infinite. Working from DC Arts Studios, she's also a member of Willow Street Art Gallery, where she's currently showing work as part of the "We Met on Instagram" group show.

    Photo credit: Jared Soares

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    DIRECT MESSAGE: Femme Fatale DC's Adriana Mendoza and Cee Smith

    Meet the women running the Femme Fatale DC Pop Up: the District's womyn-only collective of local womyn creatives & entrepreneurs, with the goal of fostering and sustaining our local community of womyn who support one another's creative & business endeavors. The Femme Fatale DC Pop-UP Shop is located at 4620 Wisconsin Ave NW, and features 70+ vendors from DC and beyond.

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    Sun Shine: DIRECT MESSAGE with guests Nicole Crowder and Whitney Teal

    Sun Shine is a magical pop-up marketplace entirely by black women artists, makers, and vendors, because "every new season is another chance to celebrate our community’s incredible power to always renew itself." Taking place this weekend on the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market, this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC dives into it with the event's co-founders, Whitney Teal (the maker behund Red Dirt Natural) and Nicole Crowder (of Nicole Crowder Upholstery).

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    Walk With Locals

    Carl Maynard is founder of Walk With Locals, a community photo walk with a tag line of "know your city. know your neighbors." With attendance in the hundreds. Walk With Locals has a mission of supporting and exploring place through creative community, local businesses, and new media. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE covers how Walk With Locals came together, and gives details on the upcoming Adams Morgan Walk (culminating at the LINE DC!) on 6/23.

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    This episode of Direct Message focuses on the tried, the true, and the truths behind how to get press mentions and other forms of public acknowledgment for your projects. Listen in for real world advice (and the podcast, advice-driven iteration of A Creative DC's online FIELD GUIDEs) from ACDC founder Morgan H. West.

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    Grace Bonney of Good Company

    A Creative DC goes global this week with a zoomed out take on creative community: Design Sponge founder Grace Bonney is in studio to talk about Good Company Issue 1. A continuation of the NYTimes best selling book, In The Company of Women, Good Company shares narrative and perspective on creative careers, with a focus on sharing perspective from diverse and underrepresented communities.

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    Malaka Gharib

    Zine queen, cartoonist, artist, illustrator Malaka Gharib dives into her creative, Washington DC, including her soon-to-be-released graphic novel/memoir, "I Was Their American Dream," and "Runcible Spoon," her long-running food zine that reached national audiences, straight out of the gate.

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    Rachel Pfeffer

    Rachel Pfeffer "makes jewelry that makes you smile," handmade in Washington, DC. This episode of Direct Message dives into her work and her creative Washington, DC.

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    Distinctly Creative's Morgan Davis

    Morgan Davis is the founder behind the multi-faceted platform that is Distinctly Creative. The project is committed to a vision of promoting and advocating for Black creatives and entrepreneurs, by providing a wholistic set of online and IRL resources for the Black creative community, in the DMV and beyond.

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    Dayo Kosoko

    Dayo Kosoko is @theartype, and he's ALL ABOUT VISUALS - dive into the process and practice behind his work and projects on this episode of Direct Message.

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    Curator Amy Lokoff

    Curator Amy Lokoff riffs on her background, and discusses her current show, {not too high, not too low} and upcoming artists talk at Pyramid Atlantic.

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    Katie Stack

    Katie Stack is the maker behind Stitch & Rivet, a leather goods shop on the Arts Walk in Brookland. This episode of Direct Message focuses on her woman-owned small business, her THEATRE PAST, and when she knew it was time to balance production between her team in DC, and a small factory in Baltimore.

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    Mike Grady

    Mike Grady is a home + design field editor, a producer • stylist, and a maker of things (and that's just the start of it). This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE digs into what he does and how he does it.

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    Dian Holton's Creative Washington DC

    Dian Holton is a woman of MANY projects: An active member of AIGA DC,her Daily Digits series just hit 1000, her limited edition sneaker capsule collection is out THIS WEEK, and upcoming collaborations include a partnership with the Chicago Design Museum. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE dives into the how and what of Dian's creative Washington, DC.

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    Ryan Kiibler

    A DMV native, Ryan Kibler is Creative Director for Foreign National. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE dives into the what and how of his creative Washington, DC.

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    Monochrome Collective's Nina O'Neil

    Nina O'Neil is founder of Monochrome Collective, which matches collectors & art. Her aim is to create focused, style driven, visual experiences in personal surroundings. Nina scores a 2 on the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test, is an experienced Milliner, and has been an international art courier, which makes her, quite obviously, a great podcast guests. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE dives into Nina O'Neils #aCreativeDC.

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    Angela Maria Spring of Duende District

    Angela Maria Spring is founder of Duende District, an inclusive, multicultural. and mobile bookstore featuring titles entirely by POC, and where all are welcome. Dive into the mission, the model, and the movivation behind Duende District on this episode of A Creative DC's Direct Message.

    Photo by @slodak

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    Curry Hackett

    Curry Hackett is a transdisciplinary designer and man of many projects: this episode of Direct Message dives into his experience at the intersection of design and local gov, his take on DC style, and how he spends his time in this city (hint: it involves living above a vintage clothing shop, and has zero to do with re-branded neighborhoods. This is Curry Hackett's creative DC.

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    #aCreativeDC Turns 3!

    This week on Direct Message, Morgan H. West dives into the #aCreativeDC project with Pammy Carroll, Makeda Solomon, and Damon King.

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    Multimedia Maven Vina Sananikone

    Vina Sananikone is a VA/DC-based graphic designer, photographer, and food enthusiast. She received her BFA in Arts & Visual Technology in Graphic Design from George Mason University in Virginia, including a strong background in printmaking and photography.

    Sananikone is the Multimedia Maven for Eat Good Food Group [EGFG], headquartered in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. She heads the graphic design identities, photography, and social media for the restaurants in EGFG, including Restaurant Eve, PX, Society Fair, and Eamonn's A Dublin Chipper. Through her work with EGFG, she has been recognized as having one of the best social media presences of a Washington D.C. area restaurant.

    She is a founding member of re:collective, a DC-based, interdisciplinary group of visual artists and designers who collaborate on experimental projects. Various topics are explored, including social communication, the dichotomy between language and meaning, and the relationship between the urban and suburban landscape. Members include Justin Raphael Roykovich, Janis Sweeney, and Marzia Motta. Founded in 2010, re:collective has exhibited at Artisphere (Arlington, VA), LUMEN 2014 (Staten Island, NY), Adam Lister Gallery (Fairfax, VA), Gallery 123 (George Mason University, Fairfax, VA), and Georgetown GLOW (Georgetown, DC).

    Sananikone enjoys food, travel, naps, and Oxford commas.

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    Neon Artist Craig Kraft

    Craig Kraft is an neon artist whose studio is located in the Anacostia neighborhood of SE. A longtime DC resident and working artist, this episode of Direct Message dives into the work and world of Craig Kraft.

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    Nicole Capo of Curandera Club

    Curandera Club is a webspace where A L L women are welcome, a space where they can build supportive communities and become their best selves so they’re able to thrive when they're out doing ~ W O R K ~ in the world. Curandera Club is proudly located in Washington, DC, and this episode of Direct Message dives into the work and world of Curandera Club founder Nicole Capo.

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