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This city, your perspective: A Creative DC uses new media to celebrate + promote DC's emerging, established, and diverse creative community and creative economy. With over half a million perspectives in the #aCreativeDC feed to dive into, Direct Message is a look at the ins and outs of creative life in Washington, DC, hosted weekly by A Creative DC founder Morgan H. West.

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    Dayo Kosoko

    Dayo Kosoko is @theartype, and he's ALL ABOUT VISUALS - dive into the process and practice behind his work and projects on this episode of Direct Message.

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    Curator Amy Lokoff

    Curator Amy Lokoff riffs on her background, and discusses her current show, {not too high, not too low} and upcoming artists talk at Pyramid Atlantic.

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    Katie Stack

    Katie Stack is the maker behind Stitch & Rivet, a leather goods shop on the Arts Walk in Brookland. This episode of Direct Message focuses on her woman-owned small business, her THEATRE PAST, and when she knew it was time to balance production between her team in DC, and a small factory in Baltimore.

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    Mike Grady

    Mike Grady is a home + design field editor, a producer • stylist, and a maker of things (and that's just the start of it). This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE digs into what he does and how he does it.

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    Dian Holton's Creative Washington DC

    Dian Holton is a woman of MANY projects: An active member of AIGA DC,her Daily Digits series just hit 1000, her limited edition sneaker capsule collection is out THIS WEEK, and upcoming collaborations include a partnership with the Chicago Design Museum. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE dives into the how and what of Dian's creative Washington, DC.

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    Ryan Kiibler

    A DMV native, Ryan Kibler is Creative Director for Foreign National. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE dives into the what and how of his creative Washington, DC.

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    Monochrome Collective's Nina O'Neil

    Nina O'Neil is founder of Monochrome Collective, which matches collectors & art. Her aim is to create focused, style driven, visual experiences in personal surroundings. Nina scores a 2 on the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test, is an experienced Milliner, and has been an international art courier, which makes her, quite obviously, a great podcast guests. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE dives into Nina O'Neils #aCreativeDC.

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    Angela Maria Spring of Duende District

    Angela Maria Spring is founder of Duende District, an inclusive, multicultural. and mobile bookstore featuring titles entirely by POC, and where all are welcome. Dive into the mission, the model, and the movivation behind Duende District on this episode of A Creative DC's Direct Message.

    Photo by @slodak

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    Curry Hackett

    Curry Hackett is a transdisciplinary designer and man of many projects: this episode of Direct Message dives into his experience at the intersection of design and local gov, his take on DC style, and how he spends his time in this city (hint: it involves living above a vintage clothing shop, and has zero to do with re-branded neighborhoods. This is Curry Hackett's creative DC.

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    #aCreativeDC Turns 3!

    This week on Direct Message, Morgan H. West dives into the #aCreativeDC project with Pammy Carroll, Makeda Solomon, and Damon King.

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