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This city, your perspective: A Creative DC uses new media to celebrate + promote DC's emerging, established, and diverse creative community and creative economy. With over a million perspectives in the #aCreativeDC feed to dive into, Direct Message is a look at the ins and outs of creative life in Washington, DC, hosted weekly by A Creative DC founder Morgan H. West.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Trap Bob @ A Creative DC: Brookland

    A Creative DC is so proud to announce that Trap Bob (AKA Tenbeete Solomon) is taking over our Brookland workspace for the next few months. Listen in for all the details on what she'll be getting into.

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    A few of the people, projects, and happenings that we've found lately in the #aCreativeDC feed: they're on our radar, and we think you'll want them on yours, too. Listen in for 411 on Broccoli City's Broccoli Bar, Pay It Furloughed, Maps Glover's residency at #aCreativeDC Brookland, and more.

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    Maps Glover

    Maps Glover is the current artist-in-residence at A Creative DC: Brookland - get to know his work – and all that's in store during his January 2019 residency – on this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC.

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    Artist Rose Jaffe

    Rose Jaffe is a DC-based artist, muralist, ceramicist, curator of DIY spaces, and way more – this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC dives into what she does (and how she does it).

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    DIRECT MESSAGE: Follow Wednesday

    We're digging into a few of the projects and events on our radar at the moment (and that we think should be on yours, too). This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE takes a peek at @yenmakesart, @shopvioletdc, and this weekend's @hits_dc Hole In The Sky show, JURIED 02.

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    DIRECT MESSAGE with Rosalie Ferris of Pattern Sample Sew

    Rosalie Ferris is Pattern Sample Sew: offering technical design and production services to designers of sewn garments and accessories, with pride in our quality workmanship, attention to detail and good honest service. We're digging into her career and entreprenurial path in this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC.

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    DIRECT MESSAGE with Adam J. Kurtz

    Adam J. Kurtz is a designer, artist, and author of books you're meant to make yours, take apart, and give away. This episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC dives into it with Adam: the importance of both timing and context for creative careers, staying #humble, and the responsibility of internet & IRL visibility.

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    Tenbeete Solomon, TRAP BOB

    Tenbeete Solomon is TRAP BOB, an artist and illustrator (and more), creating art and experiences in the DMV. From her nationally visible partnerships with Broccoli City and Amplifier Art to creating space with DC's GIRLAAA collective, this episode of DIRECT MESSAGE with A Creative DC proves that it's a TRAP BOB world (and we're all just living in it).

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    DIRECT MESSAGE: It's October

    The events and projects on our radar at the top of this month, from A (GOOD) AMERICAN to the Local First Awards. Dive in, and (book)mark your calendars.

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